By boat

If you are in Porto Heli you have the great oppurtunity to visi the round area in Peloponnese region, even the close island of Saronic ulf.


On our left, before entering the city, there rises Palamidi (220 m. height) praised in many songs. It bears the name of Palamedes the sage. Nowadays there is a drive on the east side. Romantics can climb up all 999 steps, that were rebuilt in Otho's period. Previously one could climb up through the venetian galleries, that are still preserved οn the right of the steps.

At first it was called by the seamen Saint Theodore's island. During the first Venetian rule (1389 1540), ίη 1473 to be particular, the Venetians built a tower with guns on it. It was called the Castelli or Bourdji and later Passage. New fortifications were added during the second venetian rule (a tower with a yard and a bastion). Morosini occupied it again in 1686 and massacred the turkish garrison.


An island dependent upon tourism, well-to-do Athenians comprise a sizeable segment of Hydra's visitors. Ferries arrive regularly from Piraeus (the port city adjacent to Athens), as well as from the port in Nafplion, which is on the nearby Peloponnese coast.
Besides garbage trucks, motor vehicles are not permitted on the island; which leaves the bulk of public transportation up to donkeys and water taxis. The inhabited area, however, is so compact that most people walk everywhere.


Spetses the deep blue island of argosaronic sea. Ferries arrive regularly from Piraeus and Plaka near Leonidi and Napflion on the Peloponnese. No motor vehicles are allowed on this island, so the public transportation is provided by taxi-donkeys.(correction: There are plenty of motorcycles on Spetses).

The inhabited area is so compact that most people walk everywhere. The port is also known as Dapia. Trails encircle the island and totals about 25 to 30 km.

From 1821 to 1822, the island played an important role in the Greek War of Independence in fighting against the Turks. Disney Club which was aired every Saturday came to the island in the 1990s and included games and about the island. Hydra was an island of no importance.


By car


Nafplion 80 Km

Nafplion is regarded by many as the loveliest town in all the Peloponnese, Nafplion is an amalgam of Venetian and Turkish architecture.
Tourist Nafplion area along the harbor, lined with quay side - cafes, is a lively as islands such as Hydra and Spetses.
After the war of (1821-1830) Nafplion was briefly capital of the newly independent Greece. The archaeological museum itself accupies a 17th century Venetian naval, depot on Plateia Symtagma.

Near this place is the headquarters of the Peloponnesian Folklore Society and Museum (one of the loveliest museums in all Greece).


Epidauros is the shrine of the Greek god of healing Asclepios, the son of Apollo. One may still see the foundations at Epidauros of the fifth century temple of Asclepios. Most tourist however come to Epidauros to see the best preserved of all the Greek theaters. The spectators can see one of the performances of ancient drama staged here each year during July and August.


It’s liging just of the main Corinth Argos road. Many of best Greece’s known and stirring myths are attached to Mycenae. The Early Mycenaean period (1580- 1500) is the time of the famous gold, found in the shaft graves. Late Mycenaean period (1425-1100) come to the most impressive tholos tombs and massive defense walls including the Lion Gate itself. Myceanae is one of the most ancient and fabulous places in Europe. The best known of the domed tholos tombs is the one
known as the tomb of Agamemnon, or the Treasury of Atreus.


Mistra is the medieval «ghost town» par excellence, and a visit is loud to be one of the highlights of any tour of the peloponnese. Ideally, visitors should allow a full day for their visit to Mistra, due to the ruggedness of the terrain and the profusion of interesting monuments to visit.



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